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Hey everyone! Here is a little about me…


I’m Alice, a holistic health, wellbeing and mindfulness coach. 


I help committed people like you achieve their health and wellbeing goals. As your coach think of me as your own cheerleader, wooping you on from the sidelines. I am here to listen, hear and support you, one simple step at at time. My online programs aren’t structured to any kind of schedule, instead they are tailored just for you. We work on things together, one step at a time to really challenge change and overcome the things that are holding you back.

Maybe you’re newly vegan and are confused about what to eat, or maybe you’ve been eating plant-based for a long time and want to make sure you’re getting the right nutrients you need to thrive. Or perhaps you’ve seen the scary things the diseases of today are doing to our loved ones and want some support to establish a lifestyle that’ll support you for the rest of your vibrant days.

This is where I can help you.


Having healed my chronic daily headaches and migraines I truly believe in, and have experienced the transformational power of a holistic lifestyle. I am passionate about preventative medicine, that we can make positive lifestyle choices now to ensure we are our best, healthiest selves for the future.


The food we fuel or bodies with is only one element of health. We can eat all the broccoli and blueberries in the world, but they won't give us a rich, fulfilling life by themselves. Things such as our relationships, the environment we live in, exercise, movement and even sense of purpose all seriously impact our wellbeing too. By working together we can make you an expert in your own health, diving deep into what makes you tick in order to support yourself for the rest of your life.


As a graduate from the T. Colin Campbell Centre for Nutrition Studies I have a certificate in plant-based nutrition. I’ve also studied with the Institute for Integrative Nutrition (the largest nutrition school in the world!), and am a qualified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach. As well as studying over 100 different dietary theories, I’ve been taught by nutrition experts, leading doctors and health professionals in the field about the latest in nutrition and wellness practices. Most recently, I’ve undertaken a Meditation Teaching Diploma, which enables me share mindfulness and meditation techniques as a part of my coaching practice.

Meditation Graduates. Thats me, far left.

Meditation Graduates. Thats me, far left.


My complete health transformation sparked a passion for health, looking at the cause of illness rather than the symptoms. It made so much sense to me. From my headache healing experience I learnt first hand to investigate the underlying cause rather than the symptoms on the surface. Curious? Use the Soundcloud clip below to hear me talk about my healing journey… 


As an outlet for my passion I began an Instagram page to document my lifestyle, to show all the wonderful food I eat and fun things I get up to. And the rest is history, my health coaching practice grew from there!


A few of my favourite things are smoothie bowls, cups of tea, practicing yoga, broccoli, tahini, playing with my adorable spaniel, and taking bike rides in the sunshine with my boyfriend.


Currently based in the West Midlands in England, I can usually be found travelling a bit further afield having lots of adventures! Whether that’s in the vibrant city of London, getting lost in the beautiful English countryside, or a bit further away in Asia where you’ll find me eating all the lovely tropical fruits!


Check out my blog for my latest tips, visit me at one of my local talks or workshops, or drop me a dm on social media - I love to say hi!

Alice x



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