This has to be made (and tasted!) to be believed!

Ben and Jerry's eat your heart out (for a fraction of the price with maximum nutrition!)

Ben and Jerry's eat your heart out (for a fraction of the price with maximum nutrition!)



Looks legit doesn't it? That's because IT IS! And the best bit? It's so healthy and actually good for you (both nutritionally and mentally) that you can eat it for breakfast... and lunch... and dinner!

Chocolate Coconut 'Nice' Cream

Chocolate Coconut 'Nice' Cream



How is this possible I hear you ask? Because you make it yourself, from just a few simple ingredients, mainly fruit.


The base is super simple - just frozen (ripe) bananas, with the optional addition of other fruit, berries or cocoa/cacao powder. And you can top with whatever you like... this is where it gets the most fun! And of course where it becomes totally instagrammable so you can show off to all your friends and family that you're being healthy and eating ice cream for breakfast.



3-4 (or more!) bananas

all optional ingredients:

cocoa/cacao powder

1 avocado or 2 tbsp nut butter

handful of berries / mango / peaches / other juicy fruit

plus toppings (see suggestions at the end!)


To prep:

Save 3-4 (or more!) bananas to ripen until they're lovely and ripe and freckly.

When they are at this stage peel them, break into chunks and freeze them for approx 24 hours before you intend to use them. 

To make:

Take your bananas out the freezer while you gather the rest of your ingredients.

If you want to keep the base simple you can just use the bananas.

  • To make it extra creamy add in 1 avocado or a tablespoon of nut butter of choice.

  • To make it chocolatey add in 2 tbsp cocoa/cacao powder.

  • To make it colourful and more zingy add in a handful of fresh or frozen: berries / mango / peaches / mint leaves

Place all ingredients in your blender, adding the optional soft fruit first and the bananas on-top (it blends best this way).

Blend on a low speed, stopping every now and again to push the contents down into the blades (when the blender is off, or use your tamper stick).


If you don't have a high-powered blender turn your blender off & On every 20 seconds (or so) tHIS saveS IT from burning out! also... IT really helps to chop your bananaS up into small slices when freezing to make it easier AT THIS STAGE.


Slowly your bananas should start to resemble the creamy consistency of ice cream. At this point take care not to over-blend otherwise you end up with a very cold smoothie rather than ice cream!

Once nice and creamy looking scoop out into your favourite bowl and top with whatever you like!

Topping ideas:

  • handful of fresh berries

  • slices of kiwi / banana / mango

  • coconut flakes

  • crushed nuts

  • chia seeds

  • a drizzle of nut butter

  • buckwheat groats

  • your fave Nakd bar



  • Chop your bananas into halves or quarters before freezing (or into slices if you don't have a high-powered Vitamix type blender).

  • Let your bananas 'defrost' for 5 minutes before blending - this makes it easier on your blender.

  • The riper your bananas, the sweeter your ice cream will be. If you find you need more sweetness try drizzling some maple syrup/date syrup over the top or blend a tbsp into the ice cream.


Ta-Dah! You're done! Go feast!

I hope you have lots of fun making this. And it's even better when you do it with someone... grab your nearest mate and give it a wizz together! 

Please share pictures of your creations with me via social media... @mindfulalice I'd love to see them!