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Mindful Alice’s Healthful Supermarket Shopping Guide

A comprehensive, plant-based guide, full of tips to help you shop healthily, economically, how to reduce food waste and how to avoid the junk! Includes a bonus healthy shopping list to keep you organised and nourished!

I’ve poured all of my plant-based knowledge and experience into this guide to enable you to take a big shortcut! I explain everything from eating the rainbow, to how to choose the freshest produce, what processed foods and ingredients to be aware of (or steer clear from), what essential nutrients we need to include in our diets and how to find them in foods, to how to design a balanced plant-based meal, and even tips on how to resist the stuff we know isn’t healthy for us to be eating.

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Want to get into eating healthier breakfasts? Struggling to see ways where you can cram in your daily fruit and veg?

Fed up of feeling tired and sluggish?

Or just looking for some inspo for some well crafted smoothie recipes?!

This one’s for you!!

And it’s free! Click the button below to download your recipe booklet for 4 delicious ENERGY BOOSTING smoothies!... 

Keep you eyes peeled for more of my helpful guides and giveaways, but for now, here are a few helpful resources for your own research into nutrition: 


Nutrition facts . org

Confused about what to eat? Dr Gregor at NutritionFacts.org analyses the results of scientific studies about food and lifestyle and relays all the results to you in concise little videos, all available on youtube.  This is a fantastic resource when doing your own research!


T colin campbell centre for nutrition studies

A great place to start when looking into plant-based nutrition. Find articles, videos, interviews and recipes to help you.


Dr fuhrman's andi scale

Dr Fuhrman devised the ANDI nutrient density scale to help people choose the most nutrient dense food to nourish their body. Being aware of how foods rank on this scale can help make healthy, nourishing choices. How do your food choices score?