The Power of Simplicity

Are you confusing your body with food?


I wanted to share about the healing power of simplicity because I've learnt personally the effect it can have on our health and how we feel, whether that be fresh and zzingy, foggy headed or slow and heavy. 


The diets we follow in the western world today today tend to be kinda complicated and full of lots of different ingredients. This is especially true in processed foods like bread, biscuits, sweets, sauces, yogurts, tinned soups, ready meals, juices, shakes, snack bars etc. You get the idea - the convenience foods we have come to rely on!

According to a recent article by the Guardian newspaper, over half of all UK families consume 'ultra processed' foods as a part of their everyday diet. This is going to have a serious impact on our health because these aren't foods!

Ultra-processed foods headline taken from the Guardian Website (click image for article)

Ultra-processed foods headline taken from the Guardian Website (click image for article)

These ought to be called industrial products (or something like that) because they are made in a plant - they need a factory to create to create them into existence. 

These products are designed to have long shelf lives (from added preservatives) and come with other weird ingredients such as; thickeners to ‘improve’ consistency, colours to make it look more attractive, sugar, salt, MSG and artificial sweeteners to keep your tastebuds addicted! (So that you literally can't stop eating them!).

Woah! - That’s a lot of added ‘extras’ isn't it? 

“Breaking free of the grip of processed food is a must if you want to claim and own your own health”  - Frank Lipman MD


Most of these processed foods have been designed to be exciting - to make you want to eat more, and to keep your body hooked on them - usually due to the high levels of sugar, salt, added msg, energy dense refined flours or fats from processed oils. 

Have you ever thought about what those ingredients do to your body? All those man-made ingredients cause highs and lows in your body and it has to work hard to process that ‘information’ and keep you in balance.

Processed food - with a very long list of 'ingredients'!

Processed food - with a very long list of 'ingredients'!


Whereas whole plant foods - foods created by nature - in their natural form are designed to be eaten by us. This is what our bodies thrive on! When they remain in tact (and as un-processed as possible) with their skins/shells/husks/seeds they retain all their all their fiber, phytonutrients and phytochemicals and water content that is taken away in processing.

Perfect example of whole nourishing foods - at the Mae Deli in London

Perfect example of whole nourishing foods - at the Mae Deli in London


When these remain they are in an ideal state to be used by our bodies - they digest at the perfect rate, they keep us hydrated, provide essential fresh nutrients (rather than being ‘fortified’ into foods), and they don’t throw our blood sugars off-whack and cause highs and lows (or lead to more cravings). 

New research is also showing we can turn on and off healthy/unhealthy genes with the foods we eat (but thats something to talk about another time…).

Our body identifies food as we eat it and works out what it needs to release in order to break down that food for digestion. Also it can sense how nutrient dense/calorie dense something is, which is why it is easy to overeat on high-calorie nutrient-dilute (processed) foods, as the body senses it needs a lot to obtain the nutrients it needs.

Energy zap

Your digestion takes up a lot of your energy. When we focus on whole, plant-based foods it makes it a whole lot easier on our bodies because these are simple foods, you can make a meal with just a few ingredients and your body will digest away with ease - leaving you with MORE energy for your daily life. 

Simple is powerful

So eating simple, real, whole food meals (and less processed foods) will actually give you a new lease of life.

I have experienced this transformation myself and woaaah it is amazing! When I first made the transition it felt like someone put an electric current through me! Plus eating super simple meals enabled me to heal my chronic headaches and migraines and get rid of brain fog that I had been suffering with for a few years!

When we focus on eating simply our body naturally has more energy to do other things for us!  Skin health often improves (yasss to a more glowy complexion 🙋‍♀️ ), you sleep better and your body can process old toxins lurking in your cells which will make your body more efficient. Often performance in sports and exercise improves too. Win win win?

What’s not to love?

The principle of eating simply is very powerful. It is super effective for healing, especially headaches, migraines, digestive issues, bringing a new vibrancy to your skin, improving low energy levels, clearing brain fog (for good!)… I could go on!

Keeping it simple helps you reset, and all those nutrients you will be flooding your body with will get you feeling all fresh, zingy and sparkly (I know we all want a bit of that!).

What are your experiences with whole foods and eating simply?  Come tell me on Insta or Facebook 🙋‍♀️ - you know where to find me!


A x

Link to Guardian article here