4 Ways to Get Out of a Food Rut


It’s dinner time - you’re hungry.

There’s nothing in the fridge/cupboard that inspires you.

You draw a blank.

“Oh I just don’t know what to cook anymore!”

I get you - I know the feeling - you’re hungry and you just want someone to whip something up like 5 minutes ago!!! I’ve been here recently and have worked out the following steps to get us all inspired to make exciting and delicious dinners again… ASAP!


  • Get  inspired - I know this one sounds obvious, but there’s nothing like looking through a cookbook and ooh-ing and aaah-ing at the recipes in there!

    Action steps:

    • Find a cookbook - an old fave from your bookshelf, or leaf through a new shiny one in a bookstore!

    • Watch recipe vids on YouTube (The Happy Pear are my fave!) or browse the colourful pics on Instagram or on Pinterest (my boards are here if you want a peek!), or look at your favourite food bloggers latest recipe pages… (I love Minimalist Baker, The Simple Veganista and Deliciously Ella)

    • Take inspo from your past - what meals did you enjoy as a child? Can you recreate any with a twist now? Or what about when you were on holiday and loved that ……………………… dish? Could you find a recipe to make a version yourself? You could make it a simpler and quicker version, or you could invest more time into making it and in return get big flavour gains!



  • Make it social!!! Get your partner / friend(s) / family (brother/sister/mum/dad/daughter/son/cousin/family cat(!) etc) involved! Share ideas for dinner and make a meal together. Whilst you’re chopping, stirring and creating, chat about your fave recipes, share new ideas with each other and talk about stuff you’ve always wanted to try making!... maybe the next time you could make that together? ALSO - you’d be sharing skills with each other! Win! Win!

    Action step:

    • Call or message someone and arrange a time to make a meal together - the sooner the better!!



  • Aim for the rainbow! When your food is bright and colourful it makes it way more exciting to eat (and assemble!).

    Action step:

    • Try something new! Here’s a daily food rainbow checklist for you to download, print and stick on your fridge. Is there anything on there you’ve not tried before? What can you add-in?

Chart from the resources available to use at  drchatterjee.com

Chart from the resources available to use at drchatterjee.com

Just remember - you are in charge of what you eat if you don’t like it don’t eat it! Move on and find something else!


  • Finally, reconsider the time - start to think of making your meals as a way to relax, experiment and play! If you approach cooking as a chore it won’t be enjoyable. But if you see it as as chance for you to experiment and be creative you’ll make it much more enjoyable! The hardest part is deciding what to make.

  • Also, I want to say don’t put pressure on yourself to transform your kitchen/meals in a week! It’s not realistic to shop for and cook new recipes every day of the week - we all have busy lives! Stick with some of what you know and add in a couple of experiments a week - or whatever target works for you - if that’s more or less that’s fine!)

    Action step:

    • Look at your calendar and plan when you’re going to make your new dinner!


I hope that’s helped! Do you have anymore ideas for getting out of a food rut? Let me know on social media - send me an insta DM and let me know if you found this useful or if you have any more tips for me!

Happy cooking!