15 Second Playtime!

I learnt about something the other day and had to share! It really made me laugh!


This is so simple but can give you a great little boost whenever you need it! And it really works.



I bet you're wondering what I am talking about?


Well you know you have those moments when you aren't feeling your best, a bit down, perhaps not for any particular reason, and would actually like to feel a bit happier but just can't seem to cheer yourself up?


Well I have a little technique to share with you to give you a boost.


Find somewhere where you won't be disturbed (bedroom, bathroom, broom cupboard, behind a tree?!) or just do it with whoever you are with if you feel comfortable with them.


Stand up, and start jiggling around, doing a little jump up and down, and say "aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh"

Keep moving, and start laughing "hahahaha". Keep going, keep laughing!

Now laugh louder!.... "HAHAHAHA". Laugh at yourself! What you are doing?!

Keep laughing!

Laugh as if you are laughing at a joke, with somebody or at somebody.

Keep going!

Don't you feel ridiculous?


Okay you can stop now.



Now how do you feel? 



A bit daft? Like you've just done something silly? I certainly did, but actually quite a bit happier after this little exercise!

Fake it 'til you make it! Laugh yourself better!


Here's a demo...



You can trick your brain into feeling joy and happiness even when you weren't feeling like it to start with.


How fascinating?


This is a great little exercise to have up your sleeve. Yes it feels a bit silly and childlike, but it is almost like a little playtime. 


It is only brief, but really works.


I hope you find it useful and as hilarious as I did.

And next time you're feeling a bit down, take a few seconds to do this, releasing some feel-good endorphins and to brighten your day!