Reconnect, Nourish, Thrive.

This six month program is my most popular (and most successful program). Best for those who are committed for change and who are ready to take those steps forward for their wellbeing and mental happiness.

This is not a quick fix program. I work with you in a way that is designed to maintain lasting change. What we cover in these six months will support your health and wellbeing for a long time. We begin with goal setting and realistic targets, and over the course of our time working together we will focus on high quality nourishment through plant-based foods that work for you to promote a healthy inside, while investigating sleep quality, habits that do (or don’t) support you, techniques around building a more mindful life, plus helping you to dive deep on what really makes you tick, so by the time we’re done, you are empowered with the tools you need to go forward and live a thriving life. 

Together we will cover:

  • goals and intentions

  • plant-based foods to nourish

  • the value of tuning in and listening to your body with mindfulness techniques

  • primary foods in your life - the stuff that feeds your soul and how you can pay attention to these to boost wellbeing 



  • an individual health program designed around you

  • twelve 30-45 minute online video calls (roughly one every other week)

  • written notes and recommendations after each session

  • six months of accountability and support for making healthy improvements in your life (the biggest success-factors for making changes)

  • Alice as your cheerleader, supporter and encourager, here for you every step of the way

To arrange your free initial consultation with me please book your session below and complete this health history form after booking.