12 week Rejuvenate Program

Energise and Rejuvenate Your Health with Mindful Alice

Not feeling your best? Run down, sluggish and lacking energy?

Or perhaps you’re not sure your current diet is working for you and are totally done with trying alll the diets and would love to find what works once and for all?

Maybe you’re just confused about what to eat to hit the nutrient targets you know you should be getting but it just seems so overwhelming you don’t know where to begin?

This is the program for you!

Designed to help you get your mojo back, we will work together to address those areas that are holding you back, as well as looking at elements of your life we can infuse some fresh energy into. Combining this with high quality plant-based foods we will have you feeling vibrant again in no time!

Together we will address:

  • the issue(s) holding you back

  • the role of sleep and rest in your life

  • ways to infuse more energy into every day

  • screen time and the importance of connecting to the real world

  • foods affecting energy levels and what to eat to feel alive

  • the importance of movement

  • the role of primary food - the stuff that feeds your life and how it can bring you a new lease of life



  • an individual health program designed around you

  • 30-45 minute video call for each session

  • setting realistic goals and making a plant to achieve them step-by-step

  • written notes and recommendations each week

  • three months of accountability and support for making healthy improvements in your life (the biggest success-factors for making changes)

  • Alice as your cheerleader, supporter and encourager, here for you every step of the way

To arrange your free initial consultation with me please book your session below and complete this health history form after booking.